Scottie Dog Mug Rug Lets Meet For Coffee After A Walk In The Park

Sew These Cute Scottie Dog Mug Rugs

These dainty dogs, with their cheerful ‘hello,’ are all of warm camaraderie. Plus, they’re versatile! Utilize leftover fabric scraps to fashion them in a myriad of hues.

Intersperse paw print fabrics with plaids for a delightful visual contrast. Personalize the pups by crafting one in pristine white and the other in black, ensuring each has its distinct identity. No more confusion – your guests will easily tell them apart!”

dogs-mug-rugs (1)

When creating a thoughtful gift, consider combining these delightful mug rugs with a coordinating coffee mug and a tempting hot chocolate sachet. Enhance the surprise with a small packet of cookies, tailored to your friend’s taste. To truly capture their style, harmonize the colors with their kitchen decor.


Adorn these double trouble Westies with vibrant red collars and add a playful finish with polka dot binding!


It’s fun telling a story about each Scottie. They even seem to have different faces in these mug rugs and it’s simply because of the fabric or color. I had a good laugh when Saljay called her mug rug Double Trouble ‘Westies’. Dog lovers will warm to these cute dog mug rugs. They could even be Christmas Scotties using holiday fabric. Perfect for gifts in time for Christmas, and kids and adults alike will love their Scottie dogs all year round.


A neat little project when you just feel like relaxing and making a heartwarming little gift. It’s great fun choosing fabric bits from your scraps and deciding which piece to use for the pups.Then decide which fabric to make for the cute collars. A set of these mug rugs will brighten up any dog lovers kitchen!


The pattern designed by Patchsmith is available for purchase


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